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Bob Farrell - When The Rains Fall (Book)
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Farrell & Farrell - Best of Tech
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Farrell & Farrell - Best of Ballads
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It has been several years since we've had any contact with many of you. We quit doing concert tours about 1991. Some of you may have no idea who we are or how you got here. That's OK.

Farrell & Farrell was/is a husband-wife duo that recorded albums in Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) from about 1977 to 1991. Our music ministry took us literally all over the world, including several trips behind the Iron Curtain before the wall came down. Prior to officially being Farrell & Farrell, we had several groups, including the one that made our first recording, Millennium.

The purpose of this website is simple: To allow you to purchase Farrell & Farrell albums, including some that have never been available before. We will also keep you posted on any future tours we may embark on. I encourage you to visit the site and browse to your heart's content!

All of the Farrell & Farrell albums are now out-of-print, some have made it to ITunes, most never made it to CD. What is available here, and nowhere else, are compilation CD's, comprising almost the entire complement of songs from all eight F&F albums, as well as new recordings and pre-F&F recordings.

Farrell & Farrell / Vol. I is a mix of songs from our first four albums: F&F, Portrait of Us All, Make Me Ready, Let The Whole World Know. Vol. II is a mix of songs from the last four albums: Choices, Jump To Conclusions, Manifesto, Superpower.

Best of Tech, Best of Pop, and Best of Ballads are compilation CD's, each one featuring songs from all eight F&F albums.

Acoustic Christmas is a collection of Christmas carols and Bob Farrell originals recorded and released in 2009.

Collection is a solo project of Bob's featuring christian and pop songs recorded and released in 2010.

Millennium is our first album, recorded and released in 1973, pre-F&F.

Keep checking back as we will continue to add product, and feel free to email us with your comments and questions.

Be sure to check out the premiere series of Farrell Artworks. Original art. Cool stuff.
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